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Sue Debt Collectors

Katy, TX Consumer Rights Attorney

Need an attorney for a debt collector lawsuit in Katy? If a debt collection company is constantly harassing you, calling you at work, threatening you, or doing other things that may constitute a violation of your rights, you may be able to sue. A creditor harassment attorney at theLaw Office of Corey L. Mills can offer you a free case evaluation to discuss your particular matter.

Our firm is dedicated to protecting debtors’ rights. We take on creditor harassment cases throughout the Houston metropolitan area, providing our knowledgeable counsel and dedicated representation to debtors who have been victims of creditor abuse or harassment. We know that most people who are facing overwhelming debt are honest and hardworking. Particularly in today’s economy, more and more people are unable to pay their debts. As a result, we may see a definite increase of cases involving creditor harassment throughout the U.S.

The Texas Debt Collection Act And Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

When a debt collector violates a debtor’s rights, the debtor may be entitled to take legal action against the debt collection agency for any damages suffered. According to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, a debtor may sue an agency for up to $1,000 as well as any damages suffered. The court may also award the payment of court costs and all attorney fees. The Texas Debt Collection Act provides debtors with similar rights but applies to original creditors in addition to debt collection agencies. Following are some types of violations that either Act may include:

Contact A Creditor Abuse Lawyer In Katy

Searching for a lawyer for your debt collector lawsuit in Katy, TX? Take a moment to contact our firm and talk to an experienced lawyer about your case. Your initial consultation is free, and we will take the time to address your concerns and see how we can help you.

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