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Do You Fear Losing Your Home to Foreclosure?

Experienced Katy Foreclosure Defense Lawyer

Not only is debt overwhelming, it can bring a lot of additional problems along with it. One of the biggest is the threat of foreclosure, something which homeowners are rightfully fearful of. The last thing you want is to lose your home, however, it can often appear impossible to stop legal action already in play. Fortunately, the options available to homeowners are growing and the right tactics have proven immensely successful in blocking foreclosures. The Law Office of Corey L. Mills is confident that we can use our experience to help you attempt to save your home.
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Best Defense Strategies To Foreclosure

As it becomes clear that the real estate industry has given way to varying degrees of fraud when dealing with homeowners, courts are growing more compassionate in the way they handle foreclosures. This can work in your favor as we prepare a strong case to bring before a judge. The judge will review your case and determine whether there is enough cause to stop the foreclosure.

Some of the most effective foreclosure defenses include:

The latter two tactics place responsibility on the foreclosing party and attempt to prove that they made an error or are unable to assert ownership. Mortgages often pass through many different banks, lenders, and investors, so it can be challenging to present the correct documentation when many parties are involved.

If the terms of your mortgage are unconscionable, it means that they shock the judge with how unfair they are. A homeowner who does not speak English or can’t understand the requirements they are expected to fulfill may be able to have the foreclosure overturned.

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Your home is important to you and our firm wants to respect that. With nearly 15 years of experience on our side, we will draw upon our past successes to fight for your own favorable outcome. Let our firm give you a second chance at saving the things that matter most.

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